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The time has finally come to renovate, you have been preparing for this moment for a while and you have saved up enough money to get it done but how do you decide who to trust with the job of making your dream a reality. Vision of a modern kitchen, finished basement, upgraded bathroom, new flooring, plumbing and electrical work that is needed to bring your house up to date. Most home owners rely on friends and family members recommendation of a contractor, and others trust the BBB to find someone they can trust to handle the job.

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Renovating the kitchen is the best investment a home owner would ever make to a property. The kitchen is where all the friends and family gather everyday of the week over coffee or breakfast, lunch or dinner. These is the reason a good looking kitchen is a pride of the home owner. READ MORE


Now let’s talk about the throne room. Home owners attitude toward bathroom update started changing in the early 90’s, it is now considered to be the second most important part of the house. After the kitchen the bathroom is the second most visited area of your house. READ MORE


Now let’s talk flooring, have you ever being to an old cathedral and the minute you walk in it seems like someone hit you in the face with a skunk’s tail, unfortunately some homes smell worse. Even some businesses seem to ignore the importance of a clean smell and just expect their clients to deal with it and pretend all is well.


Have you ever driven down a neighborhood you like with your agent beside you looking for your dream home. Your agent continue talking about how you’re going to love the house he is going to show you and you can hardly wait to see it. Then the car pulled up in front of the most ugly, unkempt, overgrown lawn you’ve ever seen and you found yourself wishing that is not the house he is about to show you. READ MORE


The basement of a home should be a place where the family come to hang out and have fun after a hard day of work. The basement should be laid out in such a way to provide for adult and kids play area for a family or for a single couple a male and female hangout.



It is never a good thing to entrust electrical upgrade to people that are not qualified to do them. Never let a handyman tell you they can do everything that a recipe for disaster. When it comes to electrical work we use only qualified electrician that has history of satisfied clientele because we know that our reputation depend on a job well done.


Where to Start

Now that the decision is made it’s time to decide how much of a renovation will be necessary and how that plays into the home owners finances. It is important to have a budget and set a limit before starting the project and equally important to let your contractor know what those limits are because the last thing you want is a surprise expense that you haven’t bargained for. The unfortunate mistake home owners make is to think the contractor is going to use that information against them so they choose not to reveal their budget which means the contractor is clueless, so before you start removing walls and tearing down cabinets you need to be ready with a contingency amount in case of the unexpected

Why Renovate

It’s taking a while to get here and now a decision is made to renovate but why do you decide that renovation is the best solution instead of moving. The reason to renovate may vary from client to client but it is still important to understand that the expected result is the same, and that is to upgrade from old to new. It could be as simple as changing the cabinets, replacing the flooring or lighting, upgrading the appliances or moving a wall to enlarge the space but at the end of it all it takes a good crew of professionals to make that dream a reality.

Competitive Pricing

Once the decision is made to go ahead and get started with the renovation it is imperative to save time and money so the area being renovated should be prepared for the work ahead. If necessary rent a mini pod to keep all household furniture and heirlooms save from dust and debris. Basement need to be cleared of all furniture, kitchen need to be emptied of all plates and Tupperware, with the exception of appliances nothing should be left for the contractor to move because this eats into the time and cost money because your contractor will not do this for free, the hour spent on removing your furniture will be added to the overall cost of the renovation so it is important that home owner take care of this preparation work and present the area to be renovated ready.


Renovations can be costly which is why Reno2code only work with proven professionals who have demonstrated a unique attribute of workmanship at their fields. All trades people at Reno2code have a minimum of 15 years of quality service under their belts with a trail of satisfied clients to show for it. We believe that your peace of mind and hard earned money should not be trusted to a handful of handymen, this is why we’ve assembled skilled tradesmen who take pride in what they do with years of satisfactory credentials. We take our job seriously because we know a satisfied client is a valuable partner to the success of our company. If we get criticized it is usually because of our insane attention to details and our penchant for perfection that caught the attention of the home owner. At Reno2code we are determined to spread quality workmanship one job at a time.

I moved into my house 5 years ago, the main bathroom was “refreshed” for the sale. We were so tired of the original style of the bathroom that I decided to completely redo it. I’m so glad I called Reno2code!!! With 3 small kids and a cat at home I really appreciated the way my old bathroom was gutted and put back together. Their super friendly and hard working staff was absolutely fantastic!! They were super courteous and friendly with my kids, and absolutely minded the kids and that the cat would not run out of the house!

I did have a really tight and firm deadline to do the renovation and my bathroom was finished on time and on budget!!

My family was absolutely blown away by the finish product!! (now hubby wants to tackle the kitchen!) My friends kept looking for an excuse to see the bathroom. I definitely recommend Reno2code for your renovation needs!!!

I know that when the time comes to do my kitchen I will call them again!

Karla Neudert

I still can’t believe our basement is the same we started with. It was a mess and nobody goes down to the basement unless it’s absolutely necessary, this was a very inconvinient situation at the time with 3 children, a dog and traffic at my door step our basement was the only place I know we can escape to in the dead of winter. So we called Reno2code and ‘Manny’ did such a good job I still pinch myself.

Our basement looks fantastic after the renovation was completed. The basement was a storage room where anything and everything we cannot use in the house is dumped. Reno2code did such an awesome job that the basement became the family living space with lots of memory of my kids playing and rolling on the carpet.

Christina A